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We operate a modern fleet of equipment and employ a specialist team of drivers who are able to pick up and deliver throughout New Zealand. We are accredited to cart most species of livestock.

Bulk/General Freight

Our dedicated bulk and freight units are available to handle all of your cartage needs. We specialise in Bulk and bagged fertiliser, Wool, Baleage and most things that can be loaded onto a truck.


We have 2 fulltime specialist Blower units available to blow stock food into Silo’s. These units can also blow Fertiliser.


Kings Rural Transport has gravel and rock pits throughout western and central Southland comprised of several different sizes and types of aggregate. We provide cartage for all types of gravel and rock, and can crush client quarry material upon request.

We also operate a lime quarry at Clifden. Lime from our quarry is a great resource for river protection, or when large rock is required. Our quarry provides lime feed material for the lime works to turn into lime dust for spreading.

We also have a modern fleet of Excavators, Graders, Roller and Bulldozer ready to tackle any job.

Fertiliser Spreading

Our modern, well-maintained fleet of bulk fertiliser spreaders are equipped with TracMap GPS technology, ensuring precise spreading, proof of placement and historical information for accurate records.

Using this fleet, we offer agricultural spreading of fertiliser, lime and seed and can also assist in helicopter and aircraft loading.

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General Manager

Taylor Swan
027 215 3089

Pukemaori Depot

Mike Swan (Director)
027 437 9600

Fertiliser / Sowing
Sophie Symons
027 281 3867

Gravel / Contracting   
Peter Van Dam (Contracting Manager)
027 520 2753

Otautau Depot

Fertiliser / Bulk / Stock Food / General Freight 
Gaye Jenkins
027 440 0223